My favorite dish taught by my mummy

by Susan

My favorite dish taught by my mummy… Assam pedas ikan… using fresh barramundi fillet from @kuhlbarra
Kuhlbarra Fresh barramundi fillet is always my family favorite 😋😋… I can easily cook the kids favorite western dishes and my Asian dishes with it💕

Simple recipe:
200g barramundi fillet
1 tomato ( slice into wedges)
1 eggplant ( slice into wedges)
4-5 okra
Assam pedas chili paste ( u can buy any premix)
1-2 tbsp assam ( added 1 rice bowl of water, rub assam to get thick assam water)
500ml water
1-2 tbsp of oil
Salt & sugar to taste

Heat up oil in pot, stir fry chili paste till fragrant. Add in eggplant and okra and give a quick fry… pour in 500ml water and bring to boil… add in assam water follow by salt and sugar to taste. Lastly add in the barramundi fillet and tomato and bring to boil. Cover lid and simmer till fish is cooked and ready to serve.

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