Lazy Saturday Lunch

by Susan

Lazy Saturday Lunch
Korean steam egg Gyeran-jjim
Army stew Budae jjigae

*Korean steam egg*
1 cup chicken stock
3 beaten eggs ( season with salt and pepper)
Boil the chicken soup in the korean bowl till boiling, pour in the beaten eggs( I have added crabstick) and keep stirring slowly till it’s curdle… cover the bowl and boil in low fire for around 2min till the stick dried up, sprinkle chopped onion and done.

Army stew
Stired fry the GOCHUJANG chicken bites with onion till slightly brown on both sides. Add in army stew instant noodle and seasoning pack… add water/Chinese cabbage and boil till veg is soft… top it with luncheon meat/hotdogs/baked beans/slice cheese… I nvr put any kimchi cos I didn’t have it at home 😅

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