Sliced barramundi in fish maw soupI cook

by Susan

Sliced barramundi in fish maw soup

I cook the way like 鱼头炉 using slice barramundi and premium fish maw stock from @kuhlbarra and added in lots of other ingredients 😁😋

The premium fish maw stock is packed full of collagen and Omega-3 that has been cooked over long hours of simmering Chicken and Barramundi Fish Maw. This soup stock contains no preservatives, colouring, artificial flavouring or MSG. Thick and flavourful, and it includes premium fish maw😋

1. Heat up 1tbsp of oil in pot, add 3-4 slice of ginger, stir fry till fragrant
2. Add in 500ml of fish maw stock and bring to boil
3. Add in bok choy and some dried fish maw (optional) and boil till veg is soft
4. Add in slice barramundi ( coated with bit of corn starch) and other ingredients like fried tau kee/fried taro/fish dumpling and soft tofu
5. Lastly I add in 1tbsp of Chinese wine, pinch of salt and dried sole fish powder for seasoning and taste.
( note: I have added in 150-200ml water in btw boiling)

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