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Freelance Writer

Hi, I’m a freelance writer and blogger and I absolutely love writing. I use blogging and social media to raise the profile of businesses on line.

I started my little business in the summer of 2011 and it has continued to grow, allowing me to take on my assistant Corinne who helps me maintain my clients’ presence on social media.

I have provided regular content and guest posts to many boating businesses and organisations and contributed to publications such as Waterways World magazine, The Waterways World Annual, Towpath Talk, and The Hypnotherapist Journal. I have also been published in many small press poetry magazines and am working on my first book, a memoir about parenting on a narrowboat.

I also provide a customisable remote secretarial service, and professional administrative and creative assistance. Corinne and I both worked from home on our narrowboats for many years, but recently I have moved onto dry land!

When I’m not writing for work I can be found writing for pleasure. My newest passion is writing and creating e-courses for self-development. I also like reading, countryside walking and relaxing beside a real fire in a country pub.


You can contact me via the links below.


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People Per Hour – client testimonials

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