Does your business need a blog?

Getting trafficIf you already understand why your business needs a website and how to attract traffic to your website your next step could be to consider setting up a business blog.

Search engines love it when you regularly add fresh content to your website and readers will keep revisiting your site to hear expert tips and advice, find out more about your team or learn about the latest news and events you are involved with.  You can then highlight relevant products or services and link them into current news or other articles. A stand-alone blog will provide incoming links to your main site, but a blog hosted on your main website will provide constant fresh content for the search engines to notice: You may like to have both! Your blog can then automatically post fresh content (article links) to your social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Two of the most popular free hosting platforms are WordPress and Blogger. You can then buy a more business-like domain name to point to your blog.

Try making a blogging schedule and stick to posting regularly. That way your readers will know when to expect new content. You could also get ideas for new articles by setting up some Google alerts relating to your specific niche.

A low-cost way to get started is to invest in book like Blogging – The Essential Guide

If you need further help get in touch with me. I could set up your new blog, and keep it updated with regular content.

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