Why did you start a business?


I seem to read a lot about the importance of finding ‘me time’ as a mumpreneur. The advice is often to schedule in some time to do something you enjoy; read a book, have a bath, or see a friend. The reality is very different. Sadly my default ‘quality time’ is often flopping exhausted in front of the telly with a glass of wine.

Ask yourself what are the important things in your life. Why did you decide to start a business? What were your goals?

I’ve just started reading a great book called I don’t have time to write by Nadine Hill. Quite early on in the book an interesting exercise caught my attention. She suggests playing a little game with yourself called, ‘Why is that important?’ Examine your answers to see if what you think you want is really what you actually want. This helps you to focus on your dreams. Start with:

‘I want to start a business’ (or write a book, create a new product or whatever your goal is.)

‘Why is that important?’

‘Because I want to be my own boss.’

‘Why is that important?’

‘Because I want to work flexible hours.’

‘Why is that important?’

‘Because I want to do all the school runs and be there for my children.’

‘Why is that important?’

‘Because I want to make the most of the time they are young.’

‘Why is that important?’

‘Because they will always remember their childhood and whether I was there for them or not.’

I started the game thinking about starting a business but it turned out my true desires revolved around being there for my children. This exercise helps you to discover your true aspirations so that you can prioritise how you invest your time. You can then look at your weekly schedule and your business plan while bearing in mind your true goal: the real reason you started your business.

Why did you start yours?

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