How to manifest a desk


My friend Star is a blogger, business woman and author and is inspirational to me because she runs a successful online business from home. She likes to use visualisation to focus on her goals and wrote herself an Abundance Manifesto to focus her mind on building her business income.

So when she wanted a cute little writing desk for her home office she simply asked the universe. A couple of days later she was able to pick up a gorgeous shabby chic desk with a drawer. She found it in a second hand shop at a bargain price. I loved it, and said if she ever moves to Spain (as she keeps threatening to do) I will buy it from her. She laughed.

“I don’t think I will ever sell my little desk. I love it!”

“I s’pose I’ll have to manifest my own desk then,” I joked. I’ve been wanting a little work-desk in my bedroom for months.

The next day I was in town and I saw this cute little shabby chic desk with drawers at a very affordable price. It was just on a stall in the street market.

I love it when things happen at the right time in the right place but I also think that it’s great to focus on what you need in your business, whether you use images or words for your goal setting. From a vision board to a business plan, what tools do you use to focus on your business targets?