How to Get Things Done Without Trying Too Hard

Get organised!

File your week

Imagine having everything sorted at home and at work; paperwork organised, work done on time, birthdays remembered, and feeling and looking calm and relaxed. This book promises to deliver a collection of principles, tactics and techniques that will make efficiency and effectiveness just seem to happen. I was tempted by this fantastic title, and found the book to be effortless to read: It is broken down into dozens of brief suggestions, and the directions on how to put each one into action have a straight forward, no nonsense approach. A lot of it is just about being more organised, but it was fun and inspiring to read. So I’ve decided to take a few of the points I liked best and work through them one by by one.

File Your Week

So I put everything I need for the week in it; bills I need to pay, things I need to file, things that must be done. It could contain your brother’s birthday card, the train tickets for Friday plus the things you need for work this week. I feel good that I’ve made a start. A journey starts with a single step and so on…

How do you get organised?

How to Get Things Done Without Trying Too Hard

Richard Templar

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