8 Great Ways to Use a Virtual Assistant in 2012

1.      Business Blog Set up

Great information raises your profile as an expert and a good business to ‘follow’ online. A freelance professional blogger can research topics; subscribe to relevant online news sources and undertake keyword research for search engine optimisation.

  1. 2.      Ongoing Blogging

A pro blogger can research and write posts, source images, and publish with links and images. Keywords in your blog allow your site to rise up the search engine rankings; Google is looking for fresh content every 30-45 days. This is where all of the unique and interesting information for your Facebook updates and Tweets will come from. At least one post a week is recommended.


  1. 3.      Twitter

Create the right balance between messages that motivate people to visit your site and ones that provide interesting items to attract more followers. Employ a VA to reply to people who tweet to your business and thank those who retweet your messages. Schedule tweets, check Twitter regularly and interact with your audience. You could also add reduced products and new products to Facebook and Twitter. Join in with #FollowFriday to recommend other Twitter users, making sure your followers know that you’re there and that you care. Devise a Twitter campaign that shares news and offers.

  1. 4.      Facebook

Get your VA to set up a business page with your logo and details. Syndicate your blog to your Facebook page and Twitter account. Once you have a few fans for your page your updates will be seen by them and by their friends who visit their profiles. Your news then spreads to the contacts of your contacts. Add exclusive offers for Facebook followers to encourage people to sign up.

  1. 5.      Create a daily online newspaper for Facebook and/or Twitter

Share interesting content with people interested in your business and provide valuable and fun information to your online community. Create awareness around local events or news and promote your business. This is simpler and more affordable than it sounds!

  1. 6.      Administration

A virtual assistant can respond to enquiries, send customer welcome emails, create documents, do copytyping, audiotyping and help with other administration.

  1. 7.      Ebooks

A virtual assistant could ghost write, format and publish an ebook to distribute on Kindle and showcase your expertise. Alternatively give away a complimentary ebook to encourage people to sign up for your mailing list.

  1. 8.      Mailing List

Have your assistant set up a mailing list and write your monthly newsletter, encouraging people to revisit your website.

Choose one and take action today! With a virtual assistant you only pay for the few hours work that you need. Reach out and build relationships with new and potential customers.

Choose something small and make a change to your business this year.