Mini pizza bread

by Susan

Mini pizza bread for tomorrow breakfast
• Cheesy truffle mushroom
• Cheesy Hawaiian

Start making around 6:15pm… done at 9:30pm😅… I think finished eating will be like 5min 🤣

Using my usual buns Recipe
130g ice water
3g yeast
40g sugar
25g beaten egg
210g bread flour
40g cake flour
8g milk powder
25g unsalted butter ( room temp)
3g salt

1. Put everything into mixer except butter. Knead till smooth.
2. Add in butter and continue knead till smooth and window panes formed.
3. Put in big bowl and proof till double in size
4. Divide into 10 balls, Shape accordingly.
5. Proof another 45-1hr till double in size.
6. Bake in preheated oven for 15min 180c.

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