[Collaboration] Yeah I manage to get this FairPrice $0.90 abalone too! Actually…

by Susan


Yeah I manage to get this FairPrice $0.90 abalone too! Actually it’s so easy to clean, see how clean my abalone are 😜!

I have blanched kailan, boiled my abalone and did scallion oil to pour over follow by light soya/sesame oil/sugar mixture!

Hubby happy got so much 鲅鱼吃😁!

Don’t say , Fiery Hot Abalone Sale at only 90c per piece!! 😱 Whip up meals like a pro and impress your loved ones with a hint of luxury at home the cost-effective way. 🤑

Craving for the crunchy texture for a quick abalone snack or the tender juicy pieces as a dish? Preparation is actually easier than you think! 😉 There is no minimum or maximum quantity purchase, but be sure to grab it while stocks last! 🛒

The promotion is exclusively available in-stores at selected FairPrice outlets only. 📍 Locate your nearest FairPrice outlet here: https://www.fairprice.com.sg/cny/abalone/

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