[Collaboration] Cheesy baconPrata/puff pastry Using pork belly slice instead …

by Susan


Cheesy bacon🎄Prata/puff pastry

Using @riverviewfarms_sg pork belly slice instead of store bought bacon!
See pic 5 to see how this 🎄is done!
👦🏻👧🏻 surprise with this cute and yummy dish created for them this morning 😋

Riverview farms pork belly slice
Slice cheese
2 pc of prata/puff pastry
Salt and pepper to taste
Dried mixed herbs
1 tsp butter
Egg yolk for brushing

1. Heat up pan, pan fried pork belly slice. Add in 1 tsp butter, sprinkle salt, pepper and dried herbs. Pan fried till slightly brown and removed from pan.
2. Refer to pic 5 on how the 🎄is done.
3. Layer the pork belly slice and cheese.
4. Brush with egg yolk and air fry for 7-8min at 200c ( or bake in 200c for 10-12min)

Preparation time: 15min
Cooking time: 20min
Above portion serving for 1-2

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