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Does your business need a blog?

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Getting trafficIf you already understand why your business needs a website and how to attract traffic to your website your next step could be to consider setting up a business blog.

Search engines love it when you regularly add fresh content to your website and readers will keep revisiting your site to hear expert tips and advice, find out more about your team or learn about the latest news and events you are involved with.  You can then highlight relevant products or services and link them into current news or other articles. A stand-alone blog will provide incoming links to your main site, but a blog hosted on your main website will provide constant fresh content for the search engines to notice: You may like to have both! Your blog can then automatically post fresh content (article links) to your social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Two of the most popular free hosting platforms are WordPress and Blogger. You can then buy a more business-like domain name to point to your blog.

Try making a blogging schedule and stick to posting regularly. That way your readers will know when to expect new content. You could also get ideas for new articles by setting up some Google alerts relating to your specific niche.

A low-cost way to get started is to invest in book like Blogging – The Essential Guide

If you need further help get in touch with me. I could set up your new blog, and keep it updated with regular content.

Disclosure: This article is adapted from one I wrote for www.becomeamumpreneur.com

Would life be better on a boat?


BoatshedI’m delighted to introduce my newest client: Boatshed – the international boat and yacht brokers. I’ve begun contributing weekly articles to their blog and am assisting in the development of their Facebook page. You may already know I write for Boatshed Essex and Boatshed Grand Union.  This new client is the Boatshed head office and the idea is to provide interesting content for anyone interested in boating. Whether you already have a boat or dream of becoming a broker the blog covers everything from galley recipes to money saving tips.

Boatshed is one of the worlds largest yacht brokerage groups with services offered across an international network of over 50 offices.

Visit the Boatshed blog to read things like a day in the life of a yacht broker, a book review of a family boating the French canals, how Boatshed registered their 500,000th customer and the night a carbon monoxide alarm saved my life.

If you like anything related to the boating or sailing lifestyle join us on our Facebook page. Their tag-line is “Life’s better on a boat!” Do you agree?

Boaters respond to Trust consultation

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Towpath Talk MarchHere’s a taster of a recent article I wrote for Towpath Talk. 

Boaters Respond to CRT Moorings Consultation

On 24th January the Canal and River Trust invited canal users in the south to comment on some proposed changes to the maximum stay times at popular visitor mooring sites. The consultation ended on 1st March and the Trust hope to begin implementing changes in April.

The new board of Trustees and the Trust Council are seeking to improve the chance of boaters being able to find a visitor mooring space. The proposal refers to 22 specific locations on the Oxford Canal and the Grand Union Canal.

Online canal discussion forums and Facebook groups have been busy with debate, particularly from those living aboard without a home mooring. They raise a variety of concerns, such as how much trade might be lost to popular canal side pubs in Berkhamsted.

Read the full story on page 2 of the March issue of Towpath Talk

Waterways World: The Timber Tradition

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WW Jem Bates“There is something about boats that have history, individuality and have been worked by the hands of different people over many decades.”

Last year I visited Bates Boatyard traditional sideslip and dry dock facilities and spoke to Jem Bates about the unique services his company provides. It was a fascinating interview and I could have written a book about him and his work, but I managed to condense it into this little article for Waterways World. Grab yourself the March issue for only £3.75 and find out why people are attracted to wooden boats, how can you restore a vessel that is over 100 years old, and is Jem the only person doing this work on the inland waterways?

Do you love traditional boats? Would you take on a wooden restoration project?

Why did you start a business?



I seem to read a lot about the importance of finding ‘me time’ as a mumpreneur. The advice is often to schedule in some time to do something you enjoy; read a book, have a bath, or see a friend. The reality is very different. Sadly my default ‘quality time’ is often flopping exhausted in front of the telly with a glass of wine.

Ask yourself what are the important things in your life. Why did you decide to start a business? What were your goals?

I’ve just started reading a great book called I don’t have time to write by Nadine Hill. Quite early on in the book an interesting exercise caught my attention. She suggests playing a little game with yourself called, ‘Why is that important?’ Examine your answers to see if what you think you want is really what you actually want. This helps you to focus on your dreams. Start with:

‘I want to start a business’ (or write a book, create a new product or whatever your goal is.)

‘Why is that important?’

‘Because I want to be my own boss.’

‘Why is that important?’

‘Because I want to work flexible hours.’

‘Why is that important?’

‘Because I want to do all the school runs and be there for my children.’

‘Why is that important?’

‘Because I want to make the most of the time they are young.’

‘Why is that important?’

‘Because they will always remember their childhood and whether I was there for them or not.’

I started the game thinking about starting a business but it turned out my true desires revolved around being there for my children. This exercise helps you to discover your true aspirations so that you can prioritise how you invest your time. You can then look at your weekly schedule and your business plan while bearing in mind your true goal: the real reason you started your business.

Why did you start yours?

Move your business forward with business blogging and social media marketing.

Be yourself – everyone else is taken

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ace-vie-logoMy clients at Ace Inspire, Erica and Antonia, have created a new blog called Ace Vie. It’s about  health and beauty, life changes, big decisions, writing, money and relationships.

It’s right up my street so I’ve written a couple of guest posts for them.

In Abundance Manifesto  I wrote about my friend Star Khechara who wrote a manifesto that gives herself written permission to succeed in business.

In Alternative Lifestyles – life on a boat Erica Douglas interviewed me about my narrowboat home.

The tag line on Ace Vie ‘- everyone else is taken’ is an excellent quote from the gorgeously quotable Oscar Wilde.

If you’d like to contribute check out their submission guidelines here on Ace Vie.

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